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> Neutral Calibration Studies (Ornament + Crime)
> Neutral Orchids
> Cargo Cults
> Money Factory (An Economic Reality Game)
> Empire Gardens
> Hecho en Cuba (Made in Cuba)
> Artificial Currencies
> Dazzle Camouflage at Workshop Residence
> Public Pedagogy
> Market Forces
> American Rubble (Lancaster Avenue)
> The Fabricators (Tbilisi Edition)
> This is Not the Berlin Wall
> Dirty Works
> Copystand Books (Kronika Edition)
> Dazzle Camouflage Projects
> Cascadian Pattern Collapse
> Modern Ruins (Popular Cannibals)
> Re-Mediation Lab
> Afghanicraftistan
> Empire/Other
> Ultimate Fabrication Challenge (Fauxrijuana)
> The Precariat (Material Witnesses)
> Cargo Cults: Object Agents
> Neutral Displays (Small Dilemmas)
> Ultimate Vision (Dazzle Camouflage)
> Ornament and Crime (Villa Savoye)
> Speculative Propositions
> Excess Capital
> FREE TEXTS: An Open Source Reading Room
> The International Orange Commemorative Store (A Proposition)
> Phantoms (H_RT F D_RKN_SS)
> Pattern Migration
> Shadowshop
> Learning to Love You (All)
> Particulate Matter: Things, Thingys, Thingies
> notMOMA
> COPYSTAND: An Autonomous Manufacturing Zone
> Custom Transitional Utility Object (Morris Mover)
> Temporal Aggregate (Borrowed Beuys)
> Anti-Factory Bristol
> Towards a New Theory of Color Reading
> The Berlin Wall
> Counterfeit Crochet Project (Critique of a Political Economy)

Black Markets 
Self Constructions 








Work in progress: The Production Area. Pictured artists include Jim Ricks, Claudia Djabbari, Maria Taniguchi, and Yason Banal.

Handmade knock-offs for sale: The Gallery Area. Guest gallerist Steven Wolf mans the desk. Works pictured include remakes of Rirkrit Tiravanija, Mark Wallinger, Ugo Rondinone.

Liquidation sale: on the fifth and final day of the Frieze Fair, COPYSTAND had a massive blowout sale. Prices were slashed to half off, and then further reduced as the day wore on.

Fairgoers perusing the COPYSTAND wares

An Autonomous Manufacturing Zone


A Frieze Projects commission conceived and organized by Stephanie Syjuco. Presented at the Frieze Art Fair, London, UK, October 15 - 18, 2009.

Selected press:
The New York Times, 10/16/09
The Guardian UK, 10/14/09
The Wall Street Journal, 10/15/09
Vernissage TV, 10/19/09

A parasitic project, COPYSTAND was a five day performative counterfeiting event held within its own gallery booth at the Frieze Art Fair. During the week, a cadre of three to five artists in a Production Area re-created artworks found in other booths and displayed them in a formal Gallery Area. All works were available for purchase at a mere fraction of the cost of the originals. A final liquidation sale happened on the last day, with massive discounts and resulting in sold-out inventory.

Over forty artworks were re-made, with the entire inventory selling out by the end. Using only basic materials such as cardboard, plastic, colored paper, paint, inkjet prints, modelling clay, and recycled materials scrounged from the construction of the Fair grounds itself, COPYSTAND counterfeits were distinctly unique from the originals, and bore the mark of their handmade qualities.

Nothing cost over 500 pounds ($800) and each artist received 100% of the sales as well as a daily stipend.

COPYSTAND artists included:
Yason Banal, Filipino, resides in Philippines
Bear Lake, German, resides in UK
Claudia Djabbari, German/Iranian, resides in UK
Gail Pickering, British, resides in UK
Jim Ricks, American, resides in Ireland
Stephanie Syjuco, American, resides in US
Maria Taniguchi, Filipino, resides in UK

Artists knocked-off by COPYSTAND included:
Martin Creed, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Mark Wallinger, Phillip Guston, Dash Snow, Douglas Gordon, Haim Stainbach, Tal R, A.R. Pencke, Ajit Chauhan, Josef Albers, Jean Dubuffet, Francis Alys, Franz West, Rita McBride, David Shrigley, Mike Bouchet, Gimhongsok, Martin Bryce, Thomas Ruff, Stephen Willats, and more...

About the Frieze Fair: Frieze Art Fair features over 150 of the most exciting contemporary art galleries in the world. The fair also includes specially commissioned artists’ projects, a prestigious talks programme and an artist-led education schedule. more

About Frieze Projects: Frieze Projects is a programme of artists’ commissions realised annually at Frieze Art Fair. It is curated by Neville Wakefield and includes seven new projects as well as The Cartier Award... Commenting on this year’s projects, curator Neville Wakefield stated: “Whether taking the form of grand architectural obstruction or finding new ways of protesting, authenticating or motivating our relationship to the objects we make, look at and buy, this year’s projects create aesthetic opportunity out of the uncertainty that has become the hallmark of our troubled times." more


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Above: partial inventory in Gallery Area; COPYSTAND artist Claudia Djabbari hard at work on a series of mini-sculptures. A collection of remakes includes David Shrigley and Richard Artschwager.

A folded color-paper version of a Jim Lambie wallwork, by Jim Ricks; a slew of COPYSTAND sales, packaged and ready to go.

Artist Jim Ricks working on a Phillip Guston painting; Maria Taniguchi (foreground) hand-working a copy of an Ugo Rondinone drawing.

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