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Installation view, facing back of gallery

Installation view, facing front of gallery

Mockup of gallery and "shareware sculptures" created in Google SketchUp.

Unsolicited Fabrications: Shareware Sculptures

Fifteen handmade sculptures and single channel video projection. Solo exhibition at Pallas Contemporary Projects with 126 Galway, Dublin, Ireland, May 2009.

I fabricated a selection of "sculptures" designed by anonymous users of Google SketchUp, a free 3-D modeling program. Designed as a simple and easy-to-use version of CAD software, SketchUp has garnered a growing following of amateur designers who use it to model virtually everything from common household items to fantasy architectural designs. These digital designs can be uploaded to a freely-accessible database to “share” with other SketchUp users in their own projects.

Many--but not all--of the digital designs are created by non-artists who are just trying to figure out the software ("Something I made while I was bored"), but some are very earnestly made ("best sculpture ever!") and all are lovely in their own way. Using their designs, I became the “unsolicited” fabricator of their work. The final sculptures are cleanly made from simple materials such as cardboard, plastic, Coroplast (a stiff, corrugated plastic material), paper, and tape. They were displayed on handmade Coroplast shelves and pedestals. The names of the original designers was displayed on adjacent wall labels, but I did not solicit their permission to execute the work since the design was in essence considered shareware.

An accompanying video showed the original digital designs as they were found in the online database, providing a link to the objects on display. All work was made on-site at the gallery space during a one-week residency prior to the exhibition opening.

The final phase of the project has included an email dialogue in which I send images of the "physical" sculptures to their digital designers to let them know they were a part of the exhibition and let them know that their creative efforts were honored in some way.

Collaborator/designers include:
ArfGrafix, Lexi, banana, pati, eric99, fifi, bob, NinjaJoel, Sam, parkerbb2, abstract art, paul, and Melody23

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Handmade sculptures based on other people's digital designs

Gallery production, in progress

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