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500 square feet of store space on the SFMOMA fifth floor galleries


Basic info:
—over 200 Bay Area and Bay Area-affiliated artists' wares included
—100% of pre-tax sales go directly to the artist-producer
—nothing over $250, with most being in the $1 - $50 range
—approximately 500 square feet of shop space
—open to the public November 20, 2010 to May 1, 2011

What is Shadowshop?

A temporary vending project by Stephanie Syjuco embedded within the galleries of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Shadowshop sells affordable artist wares and attempts to create an access point for the distribution of Bay Area creative production. Shadowshop is part of the exhibition "The More Things Change" and is sponsored by the SFMOMA Live Art program. Special commissioned projects by Packard Jennings, Imin Yeh, and Juan Luna-Avin will explore issues of art, labor, and capitalism.

What are your hours?
Monday - Tuesday: 11:30am -5pm
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 11:30am - 8:45pm
Friday - Sunday: 11:30am - 5pm

Also note that we close for about one-half hour every day for lunch, usually sometime between 1pm and 2pm. Please visit the SFMOMA website for specific hours and directions. We are also closed during museum holidays.

How do I get in?
Because we are housed inside the museum, you can gain access to Shadowshop in several ways:

--with the purchase of museum admission
--with the purchase of half-price museum admission on Thursday nights
--FREE as a museum member or guest of a member (hit up your friends)
--FREE on the first Tuesday of the month

How much money do the artists keep from their sales?
Shadowshop artists keep 100% of all the pre-tax sales of their work. So if the item costs one dollar and the tax is 9 cents, the artist keeps the entire dollar and SFMOMA pays the government 9 cents. This is a unique situation, as most galleries and retail outlets keep 50% or more of the sales price, thus decreasing the funds returned to the artist.

At Shadowshop you can be confident that what you spend on the face-value of the product goes ENTIRELY to the artist producer, helping support their livelihood and fund future projects.

Is Shadowshop a permenent addition to the museum?
No. The store is only open for the first half of the SFMOMA exhibition "The More Things Change," (November 20, 2010 to May 1, 2011). We will cease operations permanently when the project ends. Although a temporary store, Shadowshop aims to foster an ongoing micro-entrepreneurial spirit and direct-to-consumer exchanges of objects and ideas. The idea is open source of course.

Is Shadowshop affilliated with the SFMOMA Museum Store?
No. We are an autonomously-organized space.

How expensive are Shadowshop items?
In an attempt to be an accessible outlet for local artistic production, Shadowshop wares fall anywhere between being free to $250 maximum, and most items costing $5 to $50. Everything is affordable considering the time and creative labor put into production. Shadowshop specializes in distributive merchandise and is NOT a gallery, but closer to a mom-and-pop shop for art wares.

What can I expect to find there?
Everything from catalogs, books, zines, postcards, small object multiples, media works, audio recordings, videos, compilations, shareware, freeware, small paintings, services, tchotchke, unique objects, old artwork, new artwork, leftover bits, useful things, byproduct, and of course, real bonafide gems of cultural production. Some items are open-edition multiples, while others are one-of-a-kind. Inventory will be rotated on a regular basis. Visit the Shadowshopper inventory page to see samples.

Who are the Shadowshop artists?
All are Bay Area-based (or ex-Bay Area) artists ranging from local luminaries who themselves have work in SFMOMA's permanent collection, as well as internationally recognized artists, emerging artists, recent graduates from art schools, and many who have been working hard for years in the creative community with modest recognition. Together, their production comprises a partial snapshot of a vibrant and interconnected art scene.

Can I sell my items through Shadowshop?
Due to size limitations and logistical constraints, we are a curated store and cannot consider outside solicitations. But we encourage you to develop your own ways of creative distribution and circulation. The more out in the world, the merrier!

Who works at the store?
The official Shadowshop Guest Worker Program hires people with an arts background (artists, curators, grad students, and arts professionals) to perform as staff for the store and provide a connected interface with the ideas and projects on display. All workers are paid above San Francisco living wage rates.

I think object-based economies are so tired. Do you have anything else to offer?
Yes! Not only do we vend things in a conventional manner, but Shadowshop also offers artist "services" in which you are able to partake in an activity or commission a specific product from a select number of artists. This "service" work will take place on-site during special hours as well as be advertised via a bulletin board in the store. And some inventory items are only available to be swapped or are FREE. Now that's a bargain!

Can I buy Shadowshop wares online?
No. You must visit the actual physical store to purchase Shadowshop items. Despite how easy it would be to sell items online, Shadowshop officially refrains from this in order to accentuate how "stuff" is physical and has to exist in a specific time and take up a specific space. Please visit us in person and know that our limitations mean that your visit to us will be more special than just clicking for a purchase on a computer!

But I really want that product by a particular artist and I live in New York/Los Angeles/London/Beijing. Please let me buy it online—I can pay extra.
No. Perhaps you have a Bay Area friend that can get it for you. There are indeed perks to being local.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes. We accept credit cards with $10 minimum purchase. Cash can be in any amount of course.

Come visit and support your local artists!
Contact us at: shadowshopinfo@gmail.com

inventory samples

151 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94103